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In-ground luminaires

Unique Selection for Every Need

At Light-Vision24, you will find a diverse selection of LED in-ground lights that are not only energy-efficient but also durable. Whether for outdoor areas, gardens, terraces, or walkways, our in-ground lights offer the perfect solution for atmospheric and safe lighting. From minimalist designs to robust models for high resilience – discover products that meet your specific requirements.

Quality that Convinces

Our in-ground lights are distinguished by their high quality and durability. They are specially designed to withstand the elements, whether it's rain, snow, or intense sunlight, thus guaranteeing a long-term investment in your lighting solution. With protection ratings up to IP67, we offer solutions that withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In times of rising energy prices and growing environmental awareness, we place great emphasis on energy efficiency. Our LED in-ground lights are not only economical in consumption but also actively contribute to environmental protection. Reduce your ecological footprint and lower your energy costs with our sustainable lighting solutions.

Consultation and Service

At Light-Vision24, we offer not just a wide range of products but also expert consultation. Our specialist team is happy to help you find the ideal lighting solution for your project.